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You just need to buy a token in the official sale / airdrop system and you can earn BNB on it in using splitting system.

High availability

Take full advantage of the possibilities offered by the block chain and access your funds using a phone, tablet or mobile phone.

Recommendation Splitting System

All you have to do is recommend our token to others – for each transaction you will receive BNB and a Splitting Network token. Save time – everything will be done fully automatically and the funds will go to your wallet almost immediately!


Safe & Secure

All transactions are carried out in the secure Binance BSC BEP20 chain.

Total Supply = 85,000,000,000
Decimals = 18
Symbol = "SN"
Address = 0x512c1ff35aa0abf97a29e01f69cc21df70e33ab1

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Conditions  documentation

Our goal is to reach to people making a fully informed, professional and responsible purchase not only of our token.

From an ethical and legal perspective, we require you to read the terms of sale, liability and legal documentation and exclusions before performing any actions on our token.



Long-term plans - ROADMAPS

We present a schedule of activities and a detailed plan with a scheme of activities carried out gradually in order to achieve the intended goal - to gain the largest number of Splitting Network participants.
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Join the Splitting Network

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Claim Splitting Network
Check sale scope for details

Buy Splitting Network
Check sale scope for details

Ratio 0.01 BNB - 20 SN

Buy limits 0.15BNB
Share and use SPLITTING function
- Gain 45% BNB SPLITTING for refered claims / buys

You must have SN in your wallet

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